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BOKEH – For Chamber Ensemble and Live Electronics

Grant Recital Hall, Brown University, March 2007

Bokeh (meaning “blur”) is a photographic term referring to the aesthetic function of out-of-focus areas in an image.  This abstract narrative music composition with acoustic instruments and live processed sound follows a being who perceives the world this way. *Bokeh was performed by Dinosaur Annex with 8 channels of live interactive digitally processed and spatialized sound.

A quote about Bokeh:

“Starting with acoustic instruments and a classical approach to composition and putting that in dialogue with technology shows this artist’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing transformation.  The work blurs the lines between acoustic and electronic…selecting this artist’s work is an investment in innovation and composition that points to new directions in music composition.”

-Rhode Island State Council on The Arts – 2013 Music Fellowship Review Panel