Brown University, May 2006; Pixilerations Digital Arts Festival, October 2006

“Waves and Grains” is a responsive multimedia environment exploring wave phenomena through granular and fluid material forms.  Kinetic sculpture results from interactions between sound and matter, visually reflecting the underlying wave patterns.  Real-time video projection, and interactive sound design are entangled with physical forms like colored sand, powders and magnetic fluids. The social experience of this installation becomes a playful ceremony of participatory art.

The materials give life to interesting patterns offering convincing microcosms of natural phenomena, like geological formations, and magnified emulations of biological processes.  The concept is partially inspired by the obscure science of Cymatics, which is the study of wave phenomena introduced by Hans Jenny.  Jenny’s book also influenced Alvin Lucier, leading to his composition “Queen of the South”.

The purpose of the installation is as much a continued investigation into these wave phenomena as it is a socio-aesthetic experiment exploring the real-time creation of audio driven imagery.




Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA, February 2006

Participatory installation environment for the Sidereal Day #1 (experiments)…see below.


SIDEREAL DAY #1 (experiments)

Somerville Open Studios, 2005

Experiments with sound and vibration, using amplified pure tones to create patterns in matter. The works are meditations on vibration and frequency’s relation to form as studied in the experimental scientific discipline known as Cymatics, founded by the Swiss physician Hans Jenny.  Experiments have featured fundamental tones – and their natural harmonies – correlating to the earth’s “true” daily rotation rate (the sidereal day).




Zeitgeist Gallery (April 2004); Arts Central (2005)

Mediate is a spiritually and socio-politically charged thirty-minute multimedia installation/experimental film/performance (depending on the day) intended for alternative art spaces.  Utilizing shamanic ritual as a conceptual backbone, a mixture of original music, found/original video, performance art and mixed-media sculpture abstract a transformational experience.

“Dark and Daring…” – Boston Phoenix


Kerry Schneider – Performance Art

Ed Guild – Videography/Co-editor

Sharon LaFrenaye – Art